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Side Effects of Obesity On Foot and Ankle: Expert’s Opinion


Pain in leg joints, ankles, and knees can make us immobile. It is really a challenge to take the stairs or sit for a long time when your joints are busy sending pain signals to your brain. Arthritis, inflammation, or just aging bones can be the reason behind all this suffering.

But is it your obesity that is causing you all this trouble!

One of the common reasons for ankle and foot injuries or pain is obesity, and it has become a serious problem these days. Many people are suffering from foot and ankle pain as the extra weight they carry directly puts a strain on their lower leg parts.

So, it is better to consult a podiatrist of gaston foot and ankle if you’re facing such an issue and don’t know how to ease the pain.

Overweight causes more pain:

We spend most of our time doing some regular activities, and for that, leg plays a vital role, as we discussed before. Whenever someone puts on some extra weights, it becomes really difficult for that person to walk or even being able to stand up. The reason behind this situation is that the excess body weight creates a huge pressure on the foot and ankle along with the associated bones and muscles.

Obesity and related issues:

There are some foot and ankle problems one can suffer because of obesity, such as gout disease, osteoarthritis, diabetic-related foot issues, etc.

There are some foods that increase the level of uric acid in our body. Not only that, alcohol or sodas also causes too much uric acid, which triggers gout pain.

Osteoarthritis is a very painful disease that causes stiffness and joint pain due to obesity. There are a lot of people facing the effect of osteoarthritis.

However, to get rid of such health-related troubles, you can take the help of gaston foot and ankle therapists to get the best service.

Food and Lifestyle:

Consuming sugary liquids or adding too many red meats like pork or bacon plays a significant role in obesity. Also, leading an improper lifestyle or lack of physical movement can make you obese. Later on, a different type of health issue shows up, including foot and ankle pain. Cutting off the bad food habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary if you are determined to stay fit and fine.

Professional Help

In case of any emergencies related to the ankle or foot, one must visit a podiatrist before seeking the help of the other doctors. Podiatrists are also known as the doctor of podiatric medicine. They help you to treat your foot and the ankle, which is injured or affected due to health issues.

As per the Podiatrists gaston foot and ankle, not only the aged people but also the adults and children deal with severe ankle and foot pain. That is why it is important to take proper action before the problem develops and put your health at risk. So, seek a podiatrist on time and treat your feet with more sincerity.