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Epileptic Seizures and the Solutions You can get


Some epileptic seizures may go unnoticed by others, be confused with another condition, or leave no memory for the patient. Health professionals themselves are sometimes deceived, which delays the diagnosis and the implementation of treatment.


Epileptic seizure, main symptom

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that causes seizures, kinds of electrical storms corresponding to hyperactivity of neurons. We talk about partial (or focal) seizures when they concern only part of the brain and generalized seizures when they immediately affect the entire brain with loss of consciousness. Some partial seizures can be generalized.

Epileptic seizures are recognized by the brevity of the symptoms (from 15 seconds to 1 or 2 minutes maximum), by their sudden and involuntary nature and by the fact that they are repeated identically in the same person. But beware, their frequency is not a criterion: seizures can occur several times a day or less than once a year. In case of the Balance CBD you can have a smart solution of treatment with its use.

Partial seizures

During a “simple” partial seizure, the person has abnormal movements or sensations but remains conscious. Strange sensations, pleasant or unpleasant, arise in his thoughts, but they do not prevent him from continuing his activity.

During a “complex” partial seizure, the person loses some or all of his knowledge immediately or immediately after the first symptoms, also known as “aura epilepticus”. “The patient remains seated but he is as absent and does not answer when we speak to him ,” the neurologist goes on, “either he answers but beside the question, he can also grasp the object that is handed to him, shake hands , catch a pencil, blink” Sometimes he does not remember the crisis.

The manifestations experienced by the patient and / or described by his relatives can often locate the origin of partial seizures, so to find the cause of epilepsy. In the case of Marie, they are due to a small benign tumour but they can also come from the consequences of a cerebrovascular accident , the consequences of a head shock (or head trauma), a small malformation present as soon as possible.

Generalized crises

During a generalized crisis, the person may be subject to absences of a few seconds to minutes, contractions and muscle twitches, or on the contrary loss of muscle tone.

The most impressive crisis corresponds to a motor crisis affecting the entire skeletal musculature (sudden stiffening then shaking), associated with a loss of consciousness and vegetative manifestations (respiratory, urinary).

The second crisis, called “absence”, is characterized by a sudden rupture of consciousness, sometimes accompanied by slight muscular contractions of the limbs or eyelids, or a fall in muscle tone. Here comes the use of CBD oil to address the issue. Modern treatment is also accepting this as a fact.

In both cases, the subjective manifestations of epileptic seizures are extremely varied physical feelings unrelated to reality, more or less elaborate hallucinations, fleeting pains, feelings of uneasiness or nausea. The impression of déjà-vu / already-lived is not uncommon. Its opposite, the never-seen or never-lived, in which the patient loses his bearings, also exists.