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How to get Best Geriatric Care for Your Aging Parents


Sometimes, a person is not well informed and well equipped to take care of the older members of their family. Figuring out the elderly’ needs, thinking through the options and making a decision for the treatment and care can be difficult. Take a look at how you can figure out to provide the best geriatric care for your ailing parents or elderly family members in case of a medical condition.

  1. Assess their needs

Caring for an ailing parent can be quite overwhelming just because you are not prepared and you have no idea what to do. To solve this problem, try to understand the nature of your parents’ needs and condition. Think about these factors before deciding on their treatment.

  • Safety at home
  • Medical condition
  • Family support
  • Mobility
  • Meal preparation
  • Mental health
  • Personal hygiene
  • Social interaction

Take a note of these observations so it will be easier for you to make a decision and figure out what medical services they need.

  1. Evaluate the finances

Caring for an older person is costly. Take into account the cost of medical care they might need, the cost of food every day, potential living situation (whether they will be living in a care home or with you), medical supplies etc. Take a look at the pharmacy pricing explained here so you can easily understand and decide if you can provide financial support as well.

Once you get an estimate about the finances you might need, it will help you know whether you can afford the care or not and if you will need financial help.

  1. Take a note of your abilities and needs

Everyone has their challenges and needs. You may take over your parent’s responsibilities and forget to care for your own needs and challenges. Take into account the following factors before you take up the responsibility of your parent’s treatment and care:

  • Are you healthy enough to be taking care of your parents?
  • Do you live close to your parents’ house in case you need to visit them often?
  • Would you be willing to move into your parents’ house or make them live with you in your home?
  • Can you get one-on-one support for your parents if they need it?
  • Do you and your parents have a relationship that allows you to stay with them for longer periods without creating negative feelings and situations?
  • Are you willing to care for your parents?
  1. Ask your parents’ opinion

It is important to involve your parents in the decision of their care and support. It may not be an easy step as you might have differences with their opinion but keep an open mind and listen to their concerns and opinions first before arriving at a final decision. This participation in their health matters will encourage them to co-operate with you and also see you as a partner in their life decisions. They might also feel less anxious about the treatment, care or change in their lifestyle.