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What To Do And Not To Do After A Glaucoma Treatment?  

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Glaucoma is a serious eye issue that can impact your vision. It is one of the common ophthalmological issues that around 3 million people have in the world. It is essential to get yourself diagnosed at the earliest when you start witnessing the symptoms.

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is basically a condition when pressure builds up in your optic nerve through the aqueous fluid blockage. When the passage is blocked, the fluid pushes against the optic nerve causing severe damage to your vision. Thankfully, with effective glaucoma treatment, you can get your life back on track.

Which Is The Best Treatment For It?

There are plenty of treatments that work for glaucoma, but having surgery is the most effective one. The surgery helps in relieving the pressure by creating a pathway to the conjunctiva

After the surgery, patients are able to see better and relieve themselves from the pain. They can have an improved quality of life and safeguard their vision. The surgery hardly takes 45-60 minutes to complete. Hence, it is one of the most preferred treatment methods for glaucoma.

Dos And Don’ts After Glaucoma Surgery

Surgery is the best glaucoma treatment, but there are certain things that you need to consider in order to make it effective. Like any other surgery, glaucoma also has some dos and don’ts that you need to understand to ensure your complete recovery. 


  1. Wear Your Glasses: After the surgery, it is mandatory to wear your glasses recommended by your doctor even during the day. You must wear an eye shield at night for at least two weeks.
  2. Carefully Shower: After the surgery, you can shower, but make sure that you don’t hurt your eyes too much. Use mild shampoo and body wash to safeguard your eyes from chemicals. You can also wear a head shield while bathing. 
  3. Use Sunglasses: When you step out of the house, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses suggested by your ophthalmologist. 
  4. Wash Your Hands: You need to wash your hands at regular intervals in order to prevent germs from entering your eyes. Also, stop touching your eyes unnecessarily. 
  5. Use Eye Drops Regularly: After the surgery, you will be given a set of medications that majorly include eye drops. Don’t forget to use eye drops daily and keep track of it. 
  6. Visit Your Doctor: Even after the surgery, you must appear for regular checkups in order to ensure there are no complications. 


  1. Restrict Screen Time: You must not abuse your eyes with excess screen time for at least a month. Stop watching TV, phone, or any other digital device for three weeks. 
  2. Don’t Rub Your Eyes: Don’t rub your eyes unnecessarily right after the surgery. You might disrupt the surgical process. 
  3. No Strenuous Activities: It is advised not to engage in strenuous physical activities that can affect your eyes.

The Bottom Line

Glaucoma is a treatable ailment, but you need to be extra careful regarding how to look after your eyes. The best glaucoma treatment is surgery, and you must follow the above-mentioned dos and don’ts to ensure your surgery is successful.