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Involvement of Alcohol In Different Cultures – Music, Entertainment, and Events


The alcohol culture changes from country to country. Alcohol is nowadays used on every occasion whether it is at parties or after office co-worker gatherings. Research has shown that consumption of alcohol is more in short-time parties than prolonged ones. However, even binge drinking can have harmful effect on the human body.

Alcohol is known to harm health, cognition, and social behavior, yet it is so heavily valued and used in many cultures. Still, in certain communities, alcohol is available and is freely consumed in moderation. Some people don’t realize that even drinking small amounts of beer, wine, or whiskey regularly can leave alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

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Alcohol and Popular Culture 


Alcohol is a common part of the celebration in many cultures, and some drinks, like Champagne in Western cultures, represent special occasions. Giving alcohol as a present is frequently seen as being kind and is even considered culturally acceptable.


Along with other aspects of popular culture, drinking has been more prevalent on television over the past ten years. Advertisers are prohibited by rules and guidelines established by all major television networks from showing people drinking during commercials. Instead, businesses have looked for ways to promote their goods on television programs.


Concern over topics including drugs and alcohol in music and other forms of popular culture has grown in recent years. Explicit music has age limitations, but it is so widely available online that even parents who take precautions find it difficult to prevent their kids from listening to it.

Drinking may be a way to treat yourself, but that should not be made mandatory on every occasion. Moderate drinking can also become a habit. Hence, regulate your drinking habits before it turns you alcoholic.