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Lifestyle Diseases and How to Prevent Them


A Lifestyle disease is a disease informed by a person’s lifestyle or way of life. Lifestyle diseases include obesity, hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, and some form of cancers. There has been a shift in the demographics affected by the lifestyle diseases –more millennials are being affected by the same. On site CPR and first aid training is gaining popularity because of increased cases of heart attacks.

The mention of the phrase lifestyle disease evokes defensive emotions especially if the person is not ready for change. They can be caused by several issues including unhealthy diets, smoking, drinking habits, busy schedules, etc.

As any medical doctor in Melbourne, Australia would advise: to prevent lifestyle diseases you have to change your day to day habits.

How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Change Your Diet

Busy schedules mean that people eat more processed, fast, or canned foods. More so, these foods are unhealthy and heavily laden with sodium and fats. Instead, you should replace your diet with healthier foods such as fruits in whatever form, salads, avoid eating processed sugars, reduce fat intake, and add fiber-rich food.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

The idea is to flush out any toxins in your body. In Melbourne, Australia, it’s recommended that you take 8 to 10 glasses in a day. In addition, hydration helps to boost your metabolism.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Medical practitioners’ advice on using your Body mass index (BMI) to get the ideal weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is a tall order. However, you have to watch your weight at all costs.  Obesity comes with other diseases and some of them are fatal. For instance, there are increased heart attacks in obese people.

Get Enough Sleep

The “hustle” as they call it, and is being projected in the media has motivated people to sleep less than ideal. Your body functionality is at its optimum when you lay for at least 8 hours a night.

Eat Regularly

When you skip meals, you find yourself binging on fast foods in one of the popular Fast joints. Endeavor to eat proper meals regularly.

Physical Activities and Exercises

Exercise could be as simple as taking a walk with your dog. You can make it more interesting by joining dancing classes such as Zumba or any other form of aerobics. The activities should be done at least 5 times a week. The more physical activities you engage in, the better your body becomes.

Quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol; both cigarettes and alcohol increase the chances of getting a lifestyle disease including heart attacks and cancers.

You should also manage stress; you can manage stress by reading a lot of books, doing yoga, and medication. Or simply pick a hobby and run with it during your free time.

Keep In Touch With a Medical Doctor

You should go for a regular medical checkup at your local medical clinic or hospital in Melbourne.  If you have a family doctor, you should book appointments with him regularly. This maintains your body at a healthy posture for longer.