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How To Get Healthy and Shiny Hair


Having the feeling of good hair happens far less often than one might want. It is why everyone wants gorgeous silky looking hair at all times. When you leave your barber or salon, the hair looks great; it is less easy to achieve these results on your own. In case you are wondering how you can reproduce the same effects on your own, you are in the right place. Here, we will give you the secret of how to get healthy and shiny hair.

Most people believe achieving shiny hair is associated with genetics, as well as good luck. Studies show one can have control of how their hair looks every day. If you are living in a windy and dry place, having curly hair means a little more handiwork. You need to incorporate a few tricks and adapt good hair care habits. Once you follow these easy to use steps, achieving healthy and shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality.

What are the leading causes of dull hair?

Dealing with dull hair is a never ending battle since the process can cause brittleness and damage. Heat styling is one of the many causes of dull hair. The irony of this is that blow-drying straightens your hair but can dim a hair’s natural shine. UV exposure is another cause of dull hair. Sunlight can cause heat to open up the cuticle and thus break down hair pigments. Dry shampoo is another culprit that aids in dull hair. The fine powders found in dry shampoo diminish the hair’s reflective powers.

Hair dyes are another cause of full hair. Yes, a regular appointment with your colorist does a number in hair shine. With this regular processing of hair, it opens up the cuticle and separates, allowing moisture to seep out. Anytime you bleach your hair; chances are it will become more porous and not reflect light. Dandruff is another cause of dull hair. Most anti-dandruff and flake-fighting formulas further dry out hair. Diet is another leading cause of dull hair. Most people are missing out on nutrients that play an integral part in healthy and shiny hair.

What are the steps needed to get healthy and shiny hair?

Having enough proteins

Hair is made up of Keratin, which is a protein.  Not getting the right amount of protein in your diet can lead to dull hair. You can quickly get bristle strands, and the best way to get the right proteins is by adding dairy products and eggs. Achieving healthy and shiny hair is with a diet consisting of chicken, fish, and turkey. Remember, you are what you eat. You must maintain a protein-packed diet that guarantees your hair has the nutrients to grow. Go for a mix of healthy fats and proteins with every meal. An excellent choice is having chia seed pudding for breakfast and salmon for dinner.

Having proper hair brushing techniques

A good diet will only strengthen newly forming strands, not hair that is already grown. Using the wrong brush causes dull hair. One of the most common causes of breakages is using the wrong brushes for specific hair types. Make sure to use a brush with plastic and rounded prongs. You should also brush your hair from the ends as you gently work your way to the top. You can also go for hair brushes with natural bristles. It enables you to fully drag the oils from the scalp through the ends of your hair. Regularly brushing your hair is essential; it helps distribute natural hair oils and stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

Air/Blow-dry your hair as often as possible

Hairdryers and most heated styling tools can leave your hair lacking the shine it deserves. Heat does, in a way, cook your hair. Hair will transform once exposed to heat for some time. Allow your hair to air dry as often as possible and make sure to use a protective serum or spray when using a hairdryer. It would help if you started with the lowest setting possible and gradually increase the heat. The trick is to point the dryer downwards; this blows air in the direction of the cuticle. By doing this, the air moves from the root to the tip.

It is not just about the tool, but also how you use the tool. Ensure you hold the blow dryer a few inches away from your head to aid in moderating heat damage. Make sure to keep the brush moving as the continuous fluid motion flattens and smooths the cuticle. By doing this, it will result in shiny hair. Moving your hairdryer at all times avoids concentrating heat at one section of your hair, thus causing untold damage. Before you start using your blow dryer, dry your hair first, and squeeze out any excess water.

Regular hair cuts

It would be best if you got rid of split ends before allowing damage to travel upwards. Make sure you have a trim every six to eight weeks, especially for Afro hair. Afro hair needs regular trimming to make sure the owner has a better curl definition. Benefits of trim or cut include making you looking fresh and vitalized. You also allow for room to promote healthy growth of your natural hair. Regular hair trims also prevent single strand knots, especially for Afro hair types. Cuts also prevent the dreaded dead hairballs. Getting a cut will also aid in retaining length.

Use protective products

Using the right formula can shield your hair against environmental factors such as heat. Make sure to get products that protect hair from color fade, thermal stress, and UV. Don’t let your hair get scorched in the heat; you can restore radiance by applying some oils. Using nourishing oil as a weekly treatment enhances hydration and sheen.  Make sure to go for lightweight oils with jojoba oil infused shine.

You should also shampoo your hair less frequently. Consider using a clarifying shampoo instead once a month. Steer clear of using shampoos with chemicals and sulfates, which strips hair and open cuticles.

We hope you consider using the above steps to maintain healthy and shiny hair.