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An Introduction to the Entourage Effect


Do you know that the cannabis plant contains hundreds of different cannabinoids? These are natural chemicals that act on your endocannabinoid system or ECS. The main function of these compounds is to bring a sense of balance or homeostasis to the body. This is why when you take CBD capsules, for example, you feel relaxed. The problem with many cannabis-derived products on the market today is that they contain just a single cannabinoid compound. These products are still beneficial but they don’t give you the full potential of the cannabis plant. There is even a name for it. It is called the entourage effect.

Apart from cannabinoids, the hemp plant also contains other components. These include flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants that offer plenty of benefits for the body. It also contains terpenes. This refers to a group of compounds that provides the famous cannabis aroma. Terpenes lend more than just scent though to the cannabis plant. They come with the benefits of their own. The best thing about terpenes though is that they enhance the effects of cannabinoids. The fact is, the different components of the hemp plant enhance each other’s effects. This is the reason why the entourage effect is so unique and powerful. The good news is, you can get the entourage effect from a product such as LoveCBD Entourage Oil, which is already available in this CBD shop.

This product is 100% safe and effective. It has undergone several testings both for safety and efficacy. It is also completely legal. Buying and using one will not get you in trouble with any CBD oil UK law. If you have not tried CBD before then using the entourage oil is a good introduction to the benefits of the hemp plant. If you are already familiar with CBD, then it will take your experience to a whole new level.

To learn more about the different CBD products and their uses, check the infographic below from LoveCBD.