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Soberlink Healthcare to Track Breathalyzer Results in Real-Time through Remote Connection


A Certified Soberlink Provider, our team is educated on how to utilise the Soberlink alcohol monitoring system to help our clients’ recovery in the most effective way possible according to their individual circumstances. The Soberlink programme allows our clients to stay in touch with their treatment team in a manner that does not interfere with their daily lives. Tests like Soberlink serve as a wonderful reminder of the need of recovery, and self-reporting to loved ones is no longer essential owing to real-time documentation provided by Soberlink technology.

How Does Soberlink Work?

Every breath test performed by the Soberlink alcohol monitoring gadget is accompanied by the use of face recognition technology to validate the user’s identification. The results of BAC tests are wirelessly relayed in real time to Soberlink’s cloud-based recovery management software, which helps people become sober. The Soberlink system allows for the creation of customised testing schedules, as well as the configuration of unique notification and automatic report parameters.

Using Soberlink Has a Number of Advantages for Participants

  • Helps you remain connected with your rehabilitation circle
  • It helps to establish accountability and structure.
  • Families may benefit from sobriety documentation.
  • Aids in the re-establishment of trust
  • Provides a sense of security

When Does Recovery Begin?

The Soberlink programme was created to provide individuals the tools they need to succeed in their first year of recovery. Studies suggest that monitoring in early recovery may lead to considerably better results because it fosters responsibility and openness with the client’s recovery circle. Soberlink technology, which consists of a portable breathalyser and recovery management software, makes it simple to test for alcohol consumption on a regular basis. The completion of each compliance screen serves as evidence of our client’s continuing progress and improvement in recovery. Soberlink monitoring not only serves as an extra form of responsibility, but it also serves as a source of support throughout the recovery process. The client’s progress in both academics and recuperation is monitored on a regular basis by our team, who provides ongoing assistance.

Our clinical team receives real-time blood alcohol data from the Soberlink programme over a secure connection. When outcomes are visible, it is possible to intervene in a timely manner if required. At the end of the day, these shared outcomes are recorded and used to foster responsibility.

About Soberlink

Through the development of technology for addiction and recovery management, Soberlink is devoted to altering the public’s perspective of alcohol use disorder. In 2016, the FDA granted authorization for the Soberlink Cellular Device to be used in medical settings.

The Soberlink reviews System, which uses real-time breathalyser testing, encourages responsibility and connectedness. In its relentless quest of improved recovery, Soberlink developed the world’s first web-connected breathalyser with face recognition software, which is now available for purchase. Using the patented technologies Soberlink Cellular, Soberlink Bluetooth, and the Sober Sky Web Portal, the firm continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the portable, mobile breath market.