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Some Common FAQs on Hearing Loss Answered.


Hearing loss is an issue which could be complex to comprehend. But this article addresses the most common questions people have about hearing loss. Let’s read on to know more. 

  • How does it happen?

Hearing loss can happen because of many factors. One of the most common of them is being exposed to loud noises. Prolonged exposure to a working lawn mower, attending a concert, and old age are also the factors of hearing loss. Sometimes, infections, impacted earwax and other health ailments also cause hearing loss. The latter can be addressed and doesn’t cause any long term threats, but they need to be looked after as soon as possible.

  • Is hearing loss a permanent issue?

There are multiple causes of hearing loss, but it can be managed. For instance, when using cotton buds for clearing your earwax, you may unknowingly push the earwax deeper which causes a block and cause impacted earwax. Sometimes it causes pain and slight hearing loss. Consult Audiologie Centre-Ouest, to remove the earwax and to restore your hearing. But, hearing loss because of old age and exposure to loud noises are permanent and can be treated by wearing hearing aids.

  • Do I need to put on hearing aids if I have hearing loss?

If your hearing loss is untreatable, then you may need to put on hearing aids. Know that hearing loss tend to exacerbate, so no matter how mild it is, you need to consult an audiologist. If you are facing hearing loss at an early age, then there are many treatment options available to save you from a permanent hearing loss. There are many varieties of hearing aids available that entail different features, you can customize them to suit them to your needs.

  • Whom do I consult when it comes to hearing loss?

In such cases, you need to consult an audiologist. They specialize in ears and your sense of hearing; they also deal with cleaning your ears professionally and help you in choosing the ideal hearing aids. They also help you in understanding your hearing loss and help you cope with it. So, if you believe that you are facing hearing loss, no matter how minor, you should get in touch with an audiologist right away because such cases tend to worsen with time. Save your hearing before you lose it profoundly.