What You Must Know about the Cookie Diet as a Weight-Loss Strategy


    If you are interested in trying the cookie diet, then it would be prudent to learn as much as you can about it first. Strange as the latter might sound,  there’s real science behind it and a few precautions that one ought to keep in mind.

    In this post, we’ll go over the details of the cookie diet and what to expect. Such information ought to prove useful in deciding whether or not the cookie diet is for you.

    A bit of history about the cookie diet

    In 1975, Dr Siegal produced a low-calorie weight reduction method while checking out different strategies of handling cravings for obese patients attending his medical office in Miami, Florida.

    Throughout his research study for a natural method to suppress food yearnings, Dr Siegal produced an amino acid mix that he found can regulate the desire to consume. This eventually led to his first formula for the cookie diet.

    What is it like taking the cookie diet?

    Six cookies a day in addition to veggies and lean meat for suppertime would be all that is needed to lose between 12 to 15 pounds. With his accomplishments, Siegal opened more practices and presented the cookies to his patients and other Online diet doctors. However, it would take several decades before the diet plan became available to the public. From 2002 till 2006, the cookies were used through a weight management centre franchise, up until the partnership ended. Then Siegal introduced an across the country marketing campaign offering the item to customers online, by phone and in shops. According to Dr Siegal, over 500,000 people have attempted the regime as an easy diet plan to lose weight quickly.

    Each cookie consists of 2.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein and a percentage of calcium and iron. Active components include wheat, flour, milk, eggs, sugar and other active ingredients are generally seen in pastries. Siegal’s original amino acid formula is still contained in every cookie.

    Compared to other meal replacement programs easily offered by direct order, the cookie diet plan is not as expensive. That said, before you ask where to buy cookie diet, it is worth considering that the latter is not for everyone. While many report success in losing weight with the cookie diet, many physicians argue that the same results can be obtained by limiting your intake to 1,000 calories a day or less. Additionally, medical professionals feel that any weight-loss dietary program that contains 1,000 calories a day is unhealthy and risky.

    One must also consider that there are no fruits or veggies in the cookie diet. The lack of variety also does not help and prompt people to give up. The cookie diet likewise lacks many dietary elements which make it inadequate for long term weight loss.

    Strange as it may seem, the countless stories surrounding the cookie diet cannot be dismissed. Still, if you’ve tried just about everything else to slim down to no avail, then the cookie diet is an option that is worth considering.