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The Basics Of Autoflowering Strains


Being a beginner in the marijuana world can become a confusing process. This is because one gets to know many new things even before the previous information is settled into the mind. And amid all the types of marijuana seeds, you may have heard the name “autoflowering.”

Well, take a backseat; we are here to take you on the journey of understanding autoflowering in-depth.

What is autoflowering?

Autoflowering cannabis is the smallest and third species of cannabis genus that comprises cannabis Indica and sativa. Besides autoflowering strain, it is also referred to as automatic cannabis, auto cannabis, ruderalis, or autoflower.

As the name suggests, this type of cannabis automatically switches from vegetative stage to flowering stage irrespective of requires hours of photoperiod. In fact, some autoflowers can go from seed to harvest in just 24 hours of light.

 Basics of autoflowering

  • The growers don’t have to worry about the photoperiod with autoflowering cannabis.
  • This type of cannabis can start to blossom automatically just within two to four weeks of planting.
  • The grower doesn’t have to a lot of attention while growing the autoflowers.

Characteristics of autoflowering

  • Autoflowers’ DNA has a common strand – Ruderalis genetics that offers the seeds their unique blossoming property with any lighting or weather condition.
  • This cannabis is best for growing indoors or in a location that doesn’t experience proper lighting or climate.
  • Autoflowers will grow rapidly and can cope with extreme weather.
  • Autoflowers just need to grow till a certain level of maturity to start flowering.
  • Cultivators do not have to stress about offering the plant adequate lighting or ventilation while growing indoors or outdoors. This means, as a beginner, you can experience the best from this strain.

Over to you

Well, we are hopeful that our blog was able to clear most of your doubts related to autoflowering. Buy quality seeds from a well-known seed dispensary.