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Why you should talk to your teen about vaping?


E-cigs are the new thing in the market and so it would be difficult to recognize how they look if you have limited knowledge of the same. Moreover, not all e-cigs look alike; these are available in different shapes, styles, and designs. Even the flavors are never the same as you have a choice in the flavors too.

Vapes are nothing but a battery operated heating e-cig that contains e-liquid or e-juice. That juice comes in variety of flavors to increase the temptations of users. E-cigs are highly unhealthy and addictive. These have become a common practice amongst teens. Research has shown the ratio of teens compared to adults is more on e-cigs consumption. Moreover, the increasing number of teens falling for e–cigs addiction is concerning according to the health associations.

Why you should talk to your teen about vaping?

  1. Kids might get easily influenced:

Addiction is common in teens as they are prone to get influenced easily under the wrong company. Watching the ads, talking to others, and even watching people vape may also create interest in them to give it a trial. The trial can also lead to addiction for vaping. Thus, it is essential for them to talk about vaping and it’s after effects.

  1. Costs-attached:

If your teen is doing a part time or learning on your expenses, it would be wise to let them know the efforts you are taking to make them a good human. Discuss with them the costs involved in their studies and let them know the cost spent in an addiction like vaping or e-cigs. One e-liquid won’t last for long and they will end up paying huge amount in the purchase.You need to help them understand the importance of money and savings so that they can buy their favourite automobile or gadget.

  1. Stigma:

As they say, once an alcohol always an alcoholic; similarly once an additive always an addictive. Nicotine has a bad name in the society and you must tell your teen kid that an addiction to this will make them have a bad image on the others. They will be judged by their social circle and people will limit the social interaction with them would will be bad. Thus, they must refrain from nicotine addiction through vaping.

Most people don’t know the fact that nicotine in vapes were introduced for smokers who wanted to quit smoking. Slowly, they curb their smoking habits through vaping and get rid of the smoking issue. Find out more on greencaviarclub.com .