The Studies About Cholesterol Issues and The Solutions


    An extensive study by Harvad researchers based on data from 1999-2014 showed that people with high cholesterol often do not get the treatment they need. Normally, those who suffer from this condition should take statins, drugs that normalize cholesterol levels. But many do not know that they have this health problem, or ignore it and do not take prescribed medications.

    A normal cholesterol level is essential for overall health

    Find out from this article what the normal cholesterol level is and why this analysis is very important. Increased cholesterol can lead to serious complications, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke and can form blood clots. When cholesterol levels are too high, fat deposits appear on the blood vessels, which affect the normal flow of blood to the organs.

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    Causes that lead to high cholesterol

    Fortunately, most of the time we can control cholesterol levels by adopting a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In this way, we will directly combat some of the main causes that lead to high cholesterol:

    • consumption of saturated fats and trans fats (meat, fried foods, fatty dairy products)
    • sedentary lifestyle and obesity (often associated problems)

    All these mistakes we make daily will lead to a decrease in the level of HDL cholesterol (also called good cholesterol), which can transport bad cholesterol (LDL) to the liver, to be eliminated.

    But there are also causes that cannot be controlled by a balanced diet alone. Genetic factors may play a role in this problem. Basically, some people inherit from the family a predisposition to high cholesterol, in which case we are talking about familial hypercholesterolemia.

    What High Cholesterol Level Results Into

    A very high level of cholesterol can also occur in diseases such as hypothyroidism, liver disease or chronic kidney disease.

    High cholesterol has also been called the “silent killer” because it can destroy the body without manifesting clear symptoms. Many do not know they have this problem until they have a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, the only way to check cholesterol levels is through blood tests, which should be done annually.

    Dr. James Underberg, of the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in New York, says that some patients with high cholesterol may have swelling around the eyes or on the tendons, but this symptom does not occur in everyone. An indication of the condition may also be the presence of a “white ring” around the cornea.

    Last Words

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