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Tips On Nutrition And Building Muscle


Every bodybuilder or dietician will always tell you that nutrition is a vital part of building muscles. It encompasses more than 50% of the whole process, which makes it important for bodybuilders to have a firm nutrition program that covers food like fatty fish and potatoes are essential. This is because fibers and other potatoes nutrition are vital to bodybuilding. Below are some tips on nutrition and building muscles that every bodybuilder should adapt to their programs.

Emphasis on Protein

Protein is very vital when trying to build up muscles. This is because the amino acids provided by protein are the foundation of muscle protein. Per pound of bodyweight, a bodybuilder should consume more than a gram of protein every day. Therefore, focus on lean animal protein and other meals that can provide protein like potatoes.

Consume Carbs

Carbohydrates are also as important as proteins and are a great part of potatoes nutrition. A mid-size potato will provide you with 27 grams of carbs, which is more than enough for a bodybuilder. Carbs are essential because they get stored as glycogen in your muscles and are why your muscles look large and full. Other meals to consume are oatmeal, beans, vegetables, whole grains, and also vegetables.

All Calories Count

You must maintain the right balance of calories at all times, when trying to build muscles. That is because when you begin to consume fewer calories than you burn, your body attempts to conserve calories, and there will be no new muscle growth. Hence, the bigger the muscles, the higher the calorie intake. When the calories consumed surpass the calories being burnt, then you’ve achieved the right balance.

Don’t be Scared of Fat

Don’t try to avoid fat when you’re bodybuilding; it is essential to every training program. Make sure to add saturated fat to your diet plan to keep up the right level of testosterone. The right level of testosterone will help you build up your muscle strength and mass and prevent fat gain. The ideal fatty meals are avocados, steaks, fatty fish, walnuts, and several others.

Eat Recurrently

Eating becomes very important when building muscles; some trainers advise that bodybuilders try to eat every three hours. Ensure the meal being consumed has enough proteins and carbs to make sure you have the right nutrients at all times. Potatoes are always a good choice; carbs and proteins are some of potatoes nutrition, amongst many others. Eat the same size at all times to make sure you gain the right weight.

Always Drink Water

Staying hydrated is vital, as you will be sweating a lot during bodybuilding. When you do not have enough water, your muscle mass will not increase. Staying hydrated also keeps you feeling full and prevent hunger and overeating.