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Why You Need To Have A Balanced Diet Every Day


Our diet is very important as it helps our body function and keep it healthy. If we do not have a healthy balanced diet then our concentration and physical health both suffer poorly. A balanced diet is one that gives our body all the nutrients it requires in order to function in a proper way.

Your daily calories matter and the main source for the same should be

  •         Include fresh fruits as an important part of your diet
    ·         Eat fresh green leafy vegetables
    ·         Include whole grains in your daily consumption.
    ·         Include more of legumes and pulses
    ·         Eat nuts as they are a good source of energy
    ·         Also include lean protein in your diet.

Calories are basically the energy that is stored in our food. We use these calories whenever we are walking thinking or breathing.

We all need approximately 2000 calories a day but it can vary according to our sex age or physical activity.

A balanced diet is very important because it gives us all the important vitamins and minerals that we need and if our diet is not balanced we tend to become more prone to diseases or fatigue and infections as well as low performance.

If we don’t start controlling our diet we can slowly enter into unhealthy eating habits

With no exercise a person tends to become more obese and also leads to them getting a number of diseases like diabetes and even high blood pressure.

Some of the diseases are:

  •         A heart disease
  •         Cancer
  •         A heart or brain stroke
  •         Diabetes of type 2 

Things that will make your diet a balanced one are:

  •         Include vitamins minerals and also antioxidants in your meal
  •         Include carbohydrates such as starch and fibre
  •         Include protein in your daily diet
  •         Include healthy fat like cheese. 

Include fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, dairy and even proteins in your daily diet. Such as eggs meats beans and nuts.

However be careful as some people are allergic to certain types of food.

There are certain types of food that you need to avoid:

  •         Avoid highly processed food like junk food.
  •         Do not include refined grains in your meal.
  •         To not add sugar or salt in your food.
  •         Avoid red or even processed meat.
  •         Do not include Tran’s fats in your meal.

A healthy diet will contain a plate that looks like this:

  •         Half of vegetables
  •         One quarter with grains
  •         One quarter that will contain foods rich in proteins
  •         One side of the diary or a replacement of the same.

A healthy diet should be a balanced one too. It should have the right quantities of healthy food too.

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