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Traditional Chinese Medicine – A Better Health With Qi


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) made an enormous contribution to providing wellness for people around the world. While many consider it a thousand years old practice, many can still use it for remedies in treating various ailments or conditions, from injuries to infertility and neuropathy. The use of traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore is growing in popularity for treating the most common ailments effectively and efficiently.

Understanding TCM – The Qi Flow

Such remedies originated in China, and many can attest to their excellence towards healing and achieving wellness with the universal force of life or energy, which we call ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. The Qi energy pervades the human body. It flows and channels in meridians giving life to our bodies. When there is an obstruction, the flow of Qi can stagnate, which leads to the slowing of blood flow. The problem can manifest into several health issues. However, one of the primary causes of stagnation or blockage in the Qi flow is stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, etc. Nonetheless, there are TCM for fertility and other ailments, which provides a solution for targeting the root cause of these problems.

On the other hand, as long as the flow of Qi remains unobstructed in the body, the person remains healthy and free from ailments. Nevertheless, these irregularities and deficiencies in the circulation of Qi can cause a setback in our health. Hence, people sometimes see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor or clinic for a consultation to determine the exact cause. Regulating our emotions and treating physical trauma can help along the way. Disorders in fertility, stiffness of the body and physical pain are the most common manifestations of deficiency and stagnation of Qi.

Regulating The Qi Flow With Proper TCM Practise

A balanced Qi flow can fight the virus and other external pathogens (brought by season) and can help our body bounce back from injury. Hence, some people find ways to improve and restore their Qi flow by clearing their negative thoughts or opting for acupuncture TCM. Nevertheless, there are many ways you can do to restore and balance your Qi energy with these simple-to-follow tips:

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental health can impact your body and Qi flow. Now how does this happen? The mind-body is an integral connection and component for the Qi to flow. If our mental health is way out of balance, it reflects in our bodies. Hence, when we are stressed, our body can no longer fight pathogens, and pain and body ailments become more common. Therefore, your mental health is a ‘key’ priority for longevity and a happier life.

Have A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is perhaps one of the fastest and easy ways to have a consistent and balanced flow of Qi to your body. Hence, many new mothers (who are recovering from labour) use confinement herbs list for faster recuperation as an example of diet role. Your body’s Qi flow comes from what you consume. Thus nourishing your body with a proper diet, such as healthy foods and incorporating herbs, can promote better digestive health and enable faster healing.

Get Adequate Hours of Sleep

Sleep is another vital factor that can make or break your balanced Qi flow. Getting enough sleep of at least seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal enough to balance your Qi flow. On the other hand, a lack of better sleep quality can lead to a deficiency of Qi energy. Hence, if you find yourself on a busy routine, try to take a break, relax your mind, breathe and get adequate sleep.

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