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Scrape Calluses Off: 5 Proper Ways To Do Callus Treatment


Smooth feet can make you feel more confident wearing sandals or taking off your shoes. A callus might be sore in the eyes as it looks dry and patchy. No one wants to have feet with dry skin. So, peeling the skin can be tempting. You might watch YouTube videos where people use foot masks, scrape the skin, or pull dry skin. It might look beneficial, but there is a right way to callus treatment.

Like any other medical treatment, callus treatment also needs a professional process to become successful. If you want good results, it’s better to learn the proper ways to remove calluses with a doctor and home remedies. 

1) Visit A Podiatrist

Visiting a podiatrist can give you an idea of how to treat your calluses. They can advise you on the correct ways to handle your calluses. You can look for home remedies like using Epsom salt or applying foot lotion in your everyday life. You can also scrub your feet with an exfoliator. Perhaps, the doctor may also give medications as a form of callus treatment.

2) Pick A Shoe Style

Your shoes will also affect your calluses because of the friction and long hours of standing. For this reason, you must pick a shoe style that will fit your needs to avoid such foot problems. Aside from calluses, you can also prevent different types of toenail fungus with the right shoes and insoles, 

3) Apply Foot Lotion Regularly

You always hear how to take care of your facial skin by applying moisturiser. However, it’s better to look after your feet by putting foot lotion regularly. Better yet, you can ask your podiatrist about the products applicable to your feet condition. Luckily, you can buy such products in the market. 

4) Give Your Feet A Rest

Indeed, calluses can be a sign of your hard work and determination. But resting can also be beneficial as it can reduce friction, especially if you’re working all day long. It can have a quicker process for callus and foot corn removal. You can also remove your shoes if you want to take a rest. 

5) Exfoliate Your Feet

After a long day, your feet deserve a foot spa routine at home. Of course, you can start exfoliating your feet by using a pumice stone or a foot scrub. This way, you can soften up the dry skin. Don’t forget to put lotion after the exfoliation process for the callus treatment process. 

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