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Having Physical Therapy When Playing Sports at 40s


Physical therapy plays a huge advantage in treating physical injuries and disorders. The physical method seeks to restore function and relief movement in the affected area of the body. As someone who’s in their 40s and playing as a football coach, injuries have become normal for us to feel pain in our body after playing for a period of time. Sometimes, there will be scenarios where you will need to visit a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore for treatment.

Physiotherapy – Injury Risk In Playing

Football is a sport involving extensive contact. Collisions happen very often, which increases the number of participants getting injured. It demands footwork, power and field awareness throughout the game, which is why professionals require proper training and warm-up. We also use equipment like shoulder pads, helmets, mouth guard and cleats for safety and better-unhindered performance. 

As someone who has years of experience, football players are very likely to get hurt, especially when you are aiming for more competitive plays. The odds and risk of ending up sustaining an injury are also plausible. Hence keeping knowledge about injuries is one way I can reduce the risk. On the other hand, an occasional appointment to a nearby physio clinic in Singapore provided an enormous advantage for injury prevention and aid for future rehabilitation. As an athlete, my physio doctor provided me with invaluable advice, from strengthening the core to improving flexibility. 

Seeking A Professional Physiotherapist 

As someone who’s already reaching his 50s, a physio doctor provides enormous aid for treating and monitoring age-related health issues. The loss of flexibility in muscles and stiff joints becomes noticeable when I’m performing in the field. Muscles also lose their strength over time. Thus, I took a decision to pay to visit a clinic for a periodic check-up and occasional physio treatment. It is an investment I can make in the long run. For me, availing of physical therapy in Singapore won’t cost an arm and leg, especially if it’s for the betterment of your health. 

Edge Healthcare has been my go-to physio clinic ever since I became more conscious about improving my health while actively playing sports. Of course, everything I do is milder than when I was in my prime age. If you are in your late 40s, your body performance changes. You become more conscious about the rhythm of your body. So far, their physio doctor has provided quality service and rehabilitation plans. They have played a vital role in keeping me in good shape and free from any serious injury. 

All their staff were assistive and friendly. However, the experience I have is their interest and expertise in providing recovery and rehabilitation. Having a professional physiotherapist in Singapore that I can trust has changed my routine and provides 360-degree progress in stimulating my body with better exercise. While I occasionally bruise myself, I tend to experience muscle tension and stiffness after working my body out from play.

Overall, I would recommend Edge Healthcare for physiotherapy needs. Their professional physiotherapist has the expertise and credible background. I am satisfied with their experience and treatment and they have provided so much help to my everyday lifestyle and passion for sports.