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What are the Advantages of Massages?


Recently, it has become a practice for large companies to offer monthly and even weekly body massages to people who work for them. Many of the ladies became more and more interested in the benefits of frequent visits to a massage therapist. In addition to the body, massage can also be done on the face so book your appointment.

Facial massage is very suitable for women who suffer from insomnia or are unable to obtain the required amount of sleep due to their daily duties. Getting up early and going to bed late has an immediate effect on our skin, and in combination with the polluted air outside, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins or insufficient water intake, the situation worsens. Our skin requires daily care to be radiant and beautiful, and facial massage can be our first aid. Unfortunately, this procedure is not always affordable for most ladies. Do not despair, there are many techniques that you can easily apply on your own without having to leave the comfort and coziness of your home.

Advantages and techniques

Special massage helps to reduce stiffness and swelling of the face. It strengthens the muscles, often helping to cope with head and neck pain, and may even be useful for sinusitis and migraines. It is recommended to do a massage on your face every day – it will not take you more than a few minutes and you will notice the results immediately. Most professionals also add a type of moisturizer to rub into your skin during a massage. And you can do it! It is important to use your palms more than your fingers. Start a facial massage by placing your palm on one arm between your eyebrows and making circular motions in the direction of your hair line. Then place your two palms on your forehead and continue circularly, pressing moderately. You determine the duration of these movements, but experts advise you to perform them for about 20 seconds. Then move your palms to the level of the cheekbones and with the same pressure, massage away, towards your ears. For the final, do the same, but following the line of your jaw, also cover part of your neck. You can repeat the combination of movements as many times as you need and enjoy (generally 4 or 5 times is sufficient).

A real helper

In addition to using your own hands, you can also do facial massage using the so-called jade rollers. This will stimulate blood circulation. You do not need to follow any complicated instructions when using such an instrument, but rather pay attention to what you feel and whether the pressure is sufficient and the movements are pleasant. For even greater efficiency, put the roller in the refrigerator until it is cold, which will help relax the facial muscles. The dark circles under the eyes and the swelling really diminish. If you do not have a roller skate but still want to deal with the dark circles, you can replace it with an ice cube specifically for the area and then continue the massage with your hands only.

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