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What is a Pharmacy?


More than a neighborhood drug store or a local medicine shop, a pharmacy is a hub of medical experts with a deep knowledge of the names, effects, and combinations of medications that assist patients in the healing process. Individuals that work in a pharmacy environment are called pharmacists, who are health professionals focused on personalized patient attention through providing medications.

Pharmacy Facilities

Pharmeceutical facilities work hard to offer their clientele the very best in service, support, and solutions.

  • Medication Services offered by pharmacies may include prescription refills and transfers and Medicare open enrollment services.
  • Over the Counter Medicines like aspirin and acetaminophen are offered in-store to assist customers with less pressing medical concerns.
  • Cards, Gifts, and Convenience Items are offered in-store to help consumers save time and stress less.

Pharmacists Responsibilities

General pharmacists will have a wide range of responsibilities during their career, varying slightly depending on the location and type of practice. Traditional daily tasks include:

  • Measuring, checking, and dispensing medications to clients while simultaneously checking to be sure the prescribed medicines will help to solve the problem at hand.
  • Tracking the health and progress of patients by monitoring medication results.
  • Collaborating with clients to provide detailed knowledge about medications both over the counter and prescribed, lowering risk factors related to side effects and overdosing.
  • Working as a team with doctors, nurses, and therapists to assign the best possible drug for improved client healing times.
  • Releasing comprehensive information related to the overall composition of medications based upon their chemical properties, manufacturing processes, and common usages.
  • Protecting the purity of medications by checking seals on caps, shipping histories, humidity levels in storage rooms, and expiration dates if any.

In all, a pharmacy is an important facility centered around providing clients with knowledge, professionalism, and health solutions.