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What You Should Avoid Saying to Someone Struggling With Mental Health


Mental health issues can make a person completely different, and they become weak in the sense that they can take anything personally, so we need to be a little careful around them.

Improving Lives Counseling Services is here to remind you that you are not alone. It is entirely okay to seek help to overcome your mental health battles. 

You need to avoid saying a few things when you are around people who struggle with mental health because they tend to be very sensitive and are a little vulnerable while listening to anyone.

“It’s just a phase.” 

If you say things like “it’s just a phrase” or “it’s normal what you are going through,” the person feels suffocated and might feel like they are overreacting by sharing things with you. It might also make them feel that whether or not they are right about sharing their situation with someone.

“You are overreacting.”

We often use the word “overreacting” when people share what they are dealing with or what they experience, which is entirely unacceptable. Instead of telling them that they are overreacting, we must comfort them, make them feel safe, and try to understand them.

“Are you being dramatic?”

Drama is a strong word that creates insecurity in the mind of the person. You make them feel like they want attention from others. This not only makes them feel unwanted but also makes their condition worse.

“I have been through the same”-  

If we say things like, “I know how you feel because I have been there as well,” or like “yes, I was in the same situation,” the person feels like maybe what they are going through is completely normal as others feel the same. Still, in reality, they need professional help, and their situation is not the same as it was with us.

“But you socialize a lot.”

You often see the person shopping or at a fancy restaurant, and we question them, “How can you have issues when you go around so much?” We need to understand here that what we see on the outside is not always the case on the inside. A person can look their best and still be lonely inside.

You need to keep in mind that saying such things can have a long-term effect on the person dealing with mental issues.

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