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Benefits of including Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta in your daily diet




Who doesn’t like a light, fluffy roti that compliments the main dish beautifully? In almost every Indian household, phulka or roti is a staple food and eaten on a daily basis. Choosing the right kind of atta can elevate your meal and many households swear by Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta. For health reasons and for the required fluffiness you need to use atta that has 0% maida. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta has 100% wheat flour and is hand-picked from India’s finest wheat fields.

While having daily meals you also need to be able to enjoy all of them completely. Each meal should give you that satisfaction and Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta can easily be differentiated as it gives you these fluffy rotis that possibly no other Atta in the market can. Made with 100% atta it lets you make soft rotis that are a delight to touch and they just melt in the mouth.The fluffiness will wow your eyes and as soon as you put rotis made with Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta on the table, praises are bound to come your way.

It has superior quality taste and is made with natural chakki process, Fortune ChakkiFresh Atta retains all the goodness giving you a great natural taste.

All these make Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta the staple ingredient in your kitchen. The atta is also rich in dietary fibre which is a plus point since rotis are consumed daily. Be it any kind of Indian dish – Aloo matter, Paneer gravy dishes or even a simple dal, a nice fluffy soft roti just makes the meal taste and feel better. So opt for the right kind of atta like Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta that has 100% atta and 0% maida.