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Steroids vs SARMs in USA


SARMs are the abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. SARMs are known to be very selective in nature. They specifically target muscle and bone tissue in the human body offering steroid- like advantages without any of their side effects. They don’t affect your liver, prostate or hair negatively like anabolic steroids do. SARMs aren’t any type of steroid.

In order to enhance the physical advantages of SARMs, you should focus on right nutrition and intense training. You may notice strength gains in just 2 weeks. Body composition results are noticeable in 3 weeks as per your diet and training. The most efficient SARMs cycles are done for 60-90 days, to accomplish your fitness goals. It is because SARMs may take around 14 days to fully kick in and the body adapts it after around 70-90 days. Hence, cycling off for 4 weeks is the usual procedure in the sports and fitness world.

SARMs boost your muscular size by enhancing your lean muscle mass. You can get results in 12 weeks however; it depends on the SARM you are using along with its dosage. Studies also reveal that they enhance sex drive and testosterone without causing any steroid like side effects. SARMs like RAD-140 and MK-2866 have no androgenic side effects and minimal effect on prostate weight.

How are SARMs better than steroids?

Androgenic steroids enhance muscle development but come with unwanted effects. For men, it may include acne, breast development, increased prostate and testicles shrinking. For women it may include growth of body hair, acne and enlarged clitoral size.

Other serious health issues comprise of liver problems and cardiovascular issues such as risk of heart attack and blood clotting.

SARMs take you a step ahead of androgenic supplements. They revive the androgen world. They give you all the benefits of androgenic steroids but wipe out the side effects completely

Some of the major differences are given below:

  1. Steroids are illegal but SARMs are not. Though they are not regulated by the FDA but they are not categorized illegal.
  2. SARMs can be taken orally in comparison to steroids which mostly need to be injected.
  3. SARMs have almost no known side effects. While steroids spread all over your body and affect all the organs, SARMs target muscles and bones. They don’t affect other organs of the body.

Other benefits of taking SARMs:

Apart from working as a testosterone supplement, it also improves muscle mass, performance, lean muscle, strength and brain functionality. It also helps in cutting fat and boosting your bone density.

The best thing is that these supplements are devoid of all the side effects which bodybuilders may get from anabolic steroids and testosterone supplements.

Anabolic steroids can make the opposite sex specs to manifest such as hair growth in women or breasts in men and high risk of cancer, hair loss and acne. However, SARMs USA doesn’t have any of these side effects. So, if you are looking forward to gain muscles without experiencing any side effects, then go for SARMs.